Recruiter HQ Launches in Canada May 15, 2019

Recruiter HQ a new alternative Job Board to the traditional job search sites like Indeed, Zip Recruiter, Monster and Kijiji. Recruiter HQ offers new affordable options to post multiple job placement ads as well as a free account allowing you to place one ad for your company. This will free up valuable money and time for your business. Be it a small mom and pop store or a larger Staffing Agency looking to fill multiple jobs without breaking the bank, Recruiter HQ will make that happen. Find them on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin to learn more about this exciting new addition to the Job Boards in Canada.

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2 thoughts on “Recruiter HQ Launches in Canada May 15, 2019

  1. Chris Garrant on Reply

    Thank you we think it will be a new direction in Job Boards and Recruiting. Let everyone know how we are different then Indeed and rest of the job posting companies out there.

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